About Distressed Property Advice

Distressed Property Advice was founded by Professional Property Renovators who are specialists in distressed properties. During time spent buying and renovating properties in the greater Brisbane Area,  a real need was discovered  in the marketplace for professionals who could genuinely help people in mortgage distressed situations.Property Mortgage

The reality is, there are limited options for us when we get into financial hardship with our mortgage payments and bills over a longer period of time. The first 2 obvious solutions are: Option 1. Get the regular income stream to match the outgoings again, or Option 2. Sell something of sufficient value or get a loan or re-finance to buy some time then fix option 1. When all of these are not an option anymore, Distressed Property Advice will often find the next best solution.

We developed a real passion in this area because so many people we came into contact with have been in distressed property situations in the past and have found that there was no clear direction or help to be found; only people chasing money and making demands and costly lawyers with high fees to provide legal advice. Distressed Property Advice engages the best Property Lawyers for our transactions and we know exactly what services are required so we keep costs at a minimum.

distressed property advice logoSo Distressed Property Advice was born. We have helped people to start over debt free from being in all sorts of mortgage distressed situations. Some examples include: couples going through divorce or separation, people losing their jobs, losing loved ones, being injured or developing disabilities, broken families, investors with trashed properties from bad tenants and the list goes on…….

In most cases, these are extremely difficult times for those involved and it seems impossible to deal with the walls closing in on you and how on earth do you find genuine help from someone you can really trust. That’s why we do what we do.

In Summary, If you are saying any of the following:

“I can’t pay my mortgage anymore” or “I cannot keep up my mortgage payments anymore”

“the bank wants to repossess my home”

“bad tenants trashed my investment property” or “tenants trashed my rental property”

“I need trustworthy Advice and Help”

Then you have come to the right place. Contact us here right now.