Trashed Bedroom

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Trashed Lounge room

Renovated Lounge room

Trashed Master bedroom

RRenovated Master Bedroom






There are a number of reasons that properties end up trashed or in a bad state, but the most common one is bad tenants in an investor property. Sometimes drug & alcohol related and sometimes just complete lack of respect and filthy living habits.

Trashed Ensuite

Trashed Garage

Trashed House Front

Trashed Kitchen






No matter what the cause and no matter how bad the condition of the property (we’ve seen some shockers), we are always up for the challenge to turn an absolutely trashed dump into a pristine dwelling that anyone would be proud to call home.┬áSometimes insurance claim money is insufficient to make all of the necessary repairs and no rent coming in makes it near impossible.


Renovated Kitchen

Renovated Bathroom

Renovated House Front

Renovated Bedroom 3






When we add value to a property by investing our own capital into the standard of renovation we do, we are not only able to help the distressed property owners out of a real financial burden, allowing them to move on with their lives; we are also able to create a beautiful new home for another family at a fair price.

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