Frequently Asked Questions

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Q: Should I borrow money to help me keep my mortgage payments up to date?

A: Absolutely not!!! The interest rate onĀ  your mortgage is far less than any personal loan or credit card. Do not be tempted to get into more debt in an attempt to save your property. You will only end up worse off in a very short time frame. There are much better ways to handle mortgage stress.

Q: Will the Bank give me time to improve my financial position when my mortgage payments are several months behind?

A: Most Definitely. The Banks are not interested in repossessing properties and selling them off. It is strictly last resort for them. The BEST thing to do when the bank starts breathing down your neck is to talk with them about how you can get things back under control and over what time period. The WORST thing you can do is to ignore them and put your head in the sand.

Q: What options do I have if I cannot improve my financial situation and I am way behind on my mortgage?

A: There are several options available and many are really dependent on your personal circumstances. We have helped people with all sorts of circumstances to get back on the front foot and in many cases completely free of their property debts. Ask us about what options you have today in confidence.