The How

mortgage rescue

Welcome to Distressed Property Advice.

We are the QLD Experts in helping Distressed Property Owners.

We are passionate about helping people who are experiencing mortgage distress and have no way out. We provide you with a stress-free new start, no matter how terrible the current situation feels to you.

We have been there ourselves in the past and have seen and understand many different situations that people from all walks of life experience. We have developed a system and established connections that allow us to fix it for you.

So how do we achieve this?

Firstly we encourage you to feel comfortable enough to talk to us so that we can understand the current situation from your point of view.  We can then focus on the facts of your situation and confirm that we can help you.

Secondly we advise you of what strategy we can implement and the outcomes you can expect. We have had 100% success rate to date because we follow our diligence system to the letter every time. And the whole process is completely transparent to all concerned.

If you are happy with our proposal, we then sign the agreement documentation and we handle everything from that point on. You are kept in the loop the whole time as we make things happen so that you are always aware of progress, without having the stress that always comes with distressed property.

We also put our own money on the line to make it all work so that there is no further financial stress on you from day 1. This means that we have a significant vested interest in successful outcomes for you and all concerned.

It just works really well!!!